” My husband and I were going through a very stressful family crisis and struggling with how to deal with our own feelings of guilt , anger and depression. Through your work with us, we were able to reconnect with the joy and happiness in ourselves.

With the aid of you and your spirit guides we were assured that improvements were coming, we just had to believe and focus on the positive outcome we wanted. Once we changed our focus and began to find our joy again everything began changing.

I am happy to say that we now have the life of our dreams. We are extremely happy and so grateful to you for helping us find our way back to all that is good in our lives. “

Thank you, Judy xx


” I have been very fortunate to have met Tracie on my life’s journey. She has a deep innate ability in her understanding of the mundane and spiritual realms, it is truly quite amazing. She has had a profound effect on my approach to dealing with the events of my life as it unfolds and has brought about a deep calmness and inner peace that has enabled me to accept was is and allows those unseen forces to bring about the desired outcomes I have sought and seek today.Her natural connection with the spirit realm provides Tracie with the ability to channel not only her guide’s wisdom
and understanding, but also to channel the universes energy into her healing work too.With each session, I have enjoyed her ability to connect with me across the continuum of the conscious and unconscious mind which has provided the most profound experiences.
In those quiet moments when I listen to those sessions to reflect, I am amazed at just how intense they have been.
I notice sounds and responses that I was not previously aware of, and as the passage of time drifts by, I experience the very outcomes predicted through her spirit guides and by following their insights I have found that I am able to achieve the outcomes I have been seeking.Would I recommend this gifted individual to you?The answer is a resounding yes…. ask and you will learn…. seek and you will find.”Walk in peace & harmony, Roger xx

Nicole Thompson

“WOW, Just had a session with Tracie and had the most amazing experience. Connection was made and I went for clarity and came away with so much more and feel at peace and comforted.So I could not recommend Tracie more, Thank you, Thank you, Thank youNicole Thompson11/01/20

Aimee Owen

“Truly amazing! So grateful to have had such a beautiful healing session with Tracie this morning. I can’t express how much clarity and reassurance she has brought to me. I can’t wait to book in for my next session”Aimee Owen

TJ Healing Psychic Medium

See Aimee’s video on her latest experience with Tracie…Click Here…Aimee Owen

July 2020