Tracie - Medium & Psychic - TJ Healing

Tracie – Medium & Psychic – TJ Healing

Hello…I am Tracie

Tracie is an experienced spiritual medium, psychic and natural holistic energy healer and has have been supporting others for over 20 years through readings, mediumship and healing. She has now begun a new journey to help others develop their psychic mediumship skills through workshops and development groups. She became aware of her spirit and healing abilities at a young age, and as she grew into her ‘self’ she developed a powerful connection with those who chose to work with her from the ‘invisible’ world.

During her journey and the emergence of her natural abilities, she has strengthened the bond with who have chosen to guide her and now channels their healing energies to those who seek her out. These natural gifts have been developed over many years and are incorporated into every offering she undertakes, as a spiritual medium, psychic and natural holistic energy healer.

Tracie started her healing journey through reiki, where healing guides became known to her and over time a deep and trusting relationship developed, so that they are able to work through her to channel their sacred healing powers and energies. Working in harmony with and guided by a gathering of spirit doctors and healers she is able to offer those who seek her out, powerful healing, centring and balancing, that restores their natural life rhythms and well-being.

Over the years many others have sought her guidance, seeking advice or reassurance with regard to their future, health, life or family concerns. Tracie has an outstanding professional reputation and is grounded in her approach to ethereal world. She enjoys working with and motivating the people she treats and can provide support to people of all ages.

You will always have her unwavering commitment to a positive life enhancing experience from your time with her. Additionally, Tracie is a natural holistic energy healer therapist and she combines these gifts with her psychic and medium skills to fully meet the needs of her customers.

She has been a practicing healthcare therapist since 1999 and has studied and qualified in many disciplines. Tracie has studied with highly regarded spiritual healers and centres including The College of Psychic Studies and the Arthur Findley College, where she has developed many facets to enable her own self-empowerment and thus, that of my clients as they walk their own life journeys. Taking a holistic approach to those she engages with, a most essential element, that allows the healing transition to take place through their mind, body and spirit.