Why Consult A Psychic Or Medium?

People have varying reasons, including advice on work, love and relationships, health and life-choices. Despite having the freedom and choice to choose what your next steps in life will be, there are times when you are at a crossroads without a clear idea of which way to go.

However, after a reading with Tracie, the wisdom of advice through her spiritual connections with those who love you in the spirit world, and who want the best for you, means it is often then more straightforward for you to know instinctively what the right direction and steps forward should be.

Preparing For A Reading or Healing Session

Come with an open mind and a willingness to go with the flow. Tracie is a friendly soul and will put you at your ease and explain everything fully, and she may ask if there are any questions or areas of focus before the session. Her clients are always commenting on feeling more uplifted and centred after the session than they were before.

Readings & Guidance

When Tracie gives a reading, she will connect with her spirit guides and healers, the link is made through the energy of pure love.

She possess the ability to be clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear sensing) and clairaudient (clear hearing), so will work with a combination of these senses to bring through clear messages of love and wisdom from your spirit loved ones and guides.


As a natural evidential medium, Tracie will ask those in the spirit world to communicate evidential facts about their personalities, their life on earth, and if they have a message to pass onto you or another member of the family or friends, to validate the continuity of life after this physical world.

When Tracie connects with your loved ones, the messages that come through are brought through on the energy of love from a spirit loved one, or loved ones, with guidance on your relevant pathways in life, so will be specific to you.

Your loved ones know what is going on in your life, and Tracie will bring through evidence of this in the form of mentioning specific feelings, objects, events or people, in addition to advice and reassurance for you.


This is a unique form of healing that takes a spiritual perspective on life. It is a powerful, innovative and holistic approach combining alternative methodologies, approaches and tools.

Everyone is different and will have different problems so will need different approaches. By understanding this and knowing that there is no one tool that can resolve all your problems, taking a holistic approach becomes the key to providing the most effective solution.

Tracie provides spiritual counselling, especially to those who are experiencing anxiety, stress and fear of the unknown.

Through her unique counselling abilities, she is able to empower those who feel disempowered in their careers and in their lives. She is able to offer a different perspective on your current situation and provide the guidance and clarity you seek.

Tracie uses many different tools in order to help you feel empowered, supported, calm and confident. She will help you connect to your higher self, where you will learn to trust your intuition and allow you to feel confident in the decisions you make as you move forward.

TJ Healing


Your healing session will be a remarkably calming and gentle experience. You will drift into a state relaxation before Tracie begins to channel the healing energy from spirit guides, and healers. Clients have and continue to describe feeling a deep, enduring sense of relaxation and well-being, that accompany the alleviation from the disorder they had presented with.

The healing Tracie offers is the channelling of a higher energy through her and the client. Through her spirit guides and healers enables the balancing of the clients’ energies (chakras) bringing a deep sense of well-being. The client’s particular areas of concern(s) are focussed on to bring relief to any physical, mental or emotional issues.

 How Many Sessions?

This is, of course entirely up to the individual and Tracie will listen to you to find the most beneficial outcomes to suit you. Depending on the nature of the healing it is she may recommend a short block of sessions and then reassess the progress made. We are all different, and we all process things differently, so it natural that your experiences and time you need to heal can vary.

TJ Healing

 Terminal, Chronic and Severe Issues

Healing energies naturally manifest a sense of well-being and balance within your mind, body or spirit, such that any imbalance, whether short or long term and of any severity there would a holistic benefit.

When faced with any terminal illness, the process of its acceptance as the final part of our life’s journey, which for us all, is destined to culminate in a new journey on the ‘other side’, can be easier embraced by the loving healing energy of treatments, and by receiving spiritual wisdom of mediumistic readings to develop a deeper understanding of one’s life’s purpose and its fulfilment.