Massage can offer many benefits to our mind, body and soul.

* Improves circulation

* Helps with the lymphatic drainage system

* Relaxation

* Calms the Mind

* Increases self-awareness

* Promotes Self healing

* Grounding

* Connection to our higher selves


Tension Release

In this session I will focus on a particular area that you hold the most tension, using different deep tissue techniques, allowing tight muscles to release tension, lactic acid built-up and over worked muscles.

Allowing you to feel loose and free.  

30 minutes -£45

60 minutes – £60


Therapeutic Massage

This massage focuses on pure relaxation, allowing the feminine sensory of touch to calm mind, body and soul.

60 minutes – £60


Enlightened Massage

An intuitive relaxing massage, focusing on touch, Allowing my intuition to guide me to the areas of need. Working on removing any emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages and allowing angelic guidance to flow freely.

45 minutes massage

30 minutes guidance discussion/reading.

(75 minutes) – £80