You may not know the importance of this, but having gratitude has many health benefits. Through the work of leading researchers like Robert Emmons and Martin Seligan we know that this virtue is more than just saying “Thank you”

Numerous studies have and are demonstrating how gratitude journaling can increase one’s happiness. Others show that through expressing gratitude inflammation in one’s body can decrease along with reducing stress, increasing optimism and can induce positive changes in the brain.

                      What are the benefits of gratitude?

  1. Increased happiness and positive moods
  2. Increased satisfaction with life
  3. Becoming less materialistic
  4. Better physical health
  5. Less likely to experience burnout
  6. Better sleep
  7. Feeling less fatigued
  8. Lower levels of cellular inflammation
  9. Greater resiliency
  10. Increases in pro-social behaviour
  11. Strengthens relationships

“when we take time to notice the things that go right- it means we’re getting a lot of little rewards throughout the day”

Every time a person expresses or receives gratitude, dopamine is released within the brain. This leads to a neurotransmitter being produced in two areas of the brain, the substantia nigra and the ventral tegmental. The former has to do with movement and speech, the later with reward. So, when a person expresses or receives gratitude, the dopamine release and promotes the making of a connection between the behaviour and feeling good. The more a person practice gratitude, the more often dopamine is released.

                      How gratitude can change your life

There are things that we all take for granted. Almost like given truths in our lives. Whether it’s the roof over our heads, the food on our plates or the clothes on our back. We always expect those things to be there. But, for many people in the world, it’s not there. They lack the basic necessities in life, food, water, shelter along with many other things.

Gratitude can change your life, because it makes you appreciate what you have rather than what you don’t have. Gratitude can change your life because it is the single most powerful source of inspiration that any person can tap into, if they simply just stop and pay attention to the simplistic beauty and miracle of life that surrounds them.

One of the reasons why gratitude can change your life is because it shifts your focus. Life is all about focus.

Whatever we focus on, we move towards. When we live in a state of lack and negativity, we see more of that. It is easy to see something in a negative way when we focus is on it. It’s easy to see all the problems and dilemmas surrounding a situation, especially when your thinking is habitually geared towards that.

It is also easy to see things in a positive way, even when problems arise.

If you have ever met someone with a positive mind set, who is always seeing life full of opportunities, you know just how true this statement is. Even when something goes wrong, they look for the silver lining in the situation. If they cannot find one, they simply state that something good will eventually come out of whatever situation they are going through.

It’s not just about being a positive person, having gratitude can change your life because it breathes positivity into everything you are doing. It’s a monumental shift in the way you focus your thoughts, a new way of seeing things. You move from living in a state of lacking, to attracting and manifesting abundance in every possible way, and experiencing life in the most positive ways.

                Being Grateful makes you feel happier

One-way gratitude can change your life is by making you happier.

Studies have confirmed that having gratitude does in fact make you happier. Two Psychologists, Dr Robert Emmons from University of California and Dr Michael McCullough from University of Miami have committed to research of studying the effects of gratitude.

Gratitude has the potential to transform your faith by instilling the belief that you are not alone. Whatever it is that you are going through it will pass, and you will emerge victorious. You will accomplish your goals, overcome your obstacles and become a better person, one who’s empathetic to others.

As a result of your self-empowerment, you will seek out ways you can contribute to society and help your those around you and those that you will meet as you journey through life. You will come to realise as your gratitude manifests itself in your daily life that what you have is truly enough and that your focus turns to a deeper desire to helping others.

That is when true spiritual enlightenment begins.

                         Gratitude gives you peace of mind

When you are truly grateful for things, a deep inner belief develops, and it provides sound peace of mind.

When you live with the expectation of certain things, you can never really find peace of mind it cannot exist. Have you ever noticed people who expect certain things out of life, or who attempt to bend the will of others for their personal advancement? If you have then perhaps you have found them to be somewhat feeble-minded individuals who don’t actually get far.

Your peace of mind will start with an attitude of gratitude that helps you to instil the essence of a sound piece of mind. It will be from that platform that success is developed and not through the expectation of things. Through your good will, positive vibrations and the desire to add value to the world by first being grateful, no matter what, will further enhance your own peace of mind.

Gratitude helps you to succeed by first creating a platform of internal success.

Remaining focused will diminish the effects of any external distractions and as long as you are happy, healthy and sound in mind, body and spirit you can reach and will your goals. However, when you lack these things because you’re unhappy with your current state of affairs you will live in that state of negativity and scarcity, and it becomes harder to push forwards.

Creating a gratitude mindset

Start every morning as you wake up by writing your thoughts of gratitude in a gratitude journal.

By developing this habit in the morning and recording everything you have to be grateful for, no matter how small it may be will allow you to visualise and embody those feelings for a more positive and productive day.

This is how gratitude can truly change and transform your life.

It will not happen overnight, so remain focused and committed to your ultimate goal…


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