Beginners Psychic Development Course

Lauren’s success Story

Tracie: What was your situation like before we started to work together?

Lauren: I felt so alone in my head, not on the same wavelength as others my age, not being understood, I felt I was crazy…insane

T: What Reservations, if any, did you have about working with me before?

L: I felt that I could be in above my head, not qualified or talented enough for the course…not really what I was getting into.

Other people’s opinions made me think twice, as I am very shy being around other people…I don’t know.

T: What has the process of working with me been like?

L: It has been very informative, insightful, cool, soothing, comforting and reassuring…that I was in a safe environment, a safe place to work in…I trusted you

I learnt a lot about myself, and I never meditated before and feel the benefits of doing so..

I learnt I had a function in life…

T: What is one of the best outcomes you have gained from working with me?

L: Learning to work with my spirit guides, meditating and learning with other like minded people and feeling safe to open up….

Thank you…